International Network

The network of relationships built over time with like-minded financial advisors in a number of Countries has enabled (and enables) Caretti & Associati to assist its clients in identifying targets and executing M&A transactions outside the domestic market as well as involving international investors and corporates in M&A processes targeting the sale of groups and assets located in Italy.

The remarkable expertise gained in cross-border transactions also enables Caretti & Associati, to select, within a custom service and a strong target oriented framework, the most suitable local advisors, where necessary, and to co-operate with them in a wide range of M&A transactions, whether on the buy side or on the sell side.
Caretti & Associati is also a founding member of Infinita M& A, a network of independent M&A advisory boutiques across Europe and the United States, as shown in the map below.


Infinita M&A Alliance:
Alexander Partners
Caretti & Associati
Europa Partners
Florin Finance
Hennepin Partners
Mayerhöfer & Co
Zenith Advisory